Insight into the inaugural AMRC Summit

The manufacturing landscape, alike a lot of industries, is undergoing a substantial shift towards a net-zero future. This shift will transform all the ‘hardware’ around us, from infrastructure, to transport, and heating systems. Sustainably manufacturing this new hardware for a net zero future is a big task for the industry, but also a huge opportunity for the businesses, people and places that pioneer and deliver it. Towards the end of November, The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) hosted the inaugural AMRC Summit. This summit discussed the imperative for manufacturers to take this opportunity to lead the transition to net zero, setting out how the manufacturing community is supporting the technology development essential to net zero and how manufacturers can bear down on their own emissions. The summit saw a range of voices contributing to this conversation from the Mayor of South Yorkshire, Oliver Coppard, to the Minister of State at the Department for Business and Trade, Nusrat Ghani and Hybrid Air Vehicles’ own CEO, Tom Grundy.

The summit delved into sustainable manufacturing and the future of digital technology. Tom joined the conversation alongside panellists from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and Doncaster Council to discuss ‘The imperative for the UK economy to drive the low carbon transition and the critical role of manufacturing’. This conversation explored perspectives on technology and place, the policy gaps that need to be bridged to support the low carbon transition, and green manufacturing as part of the UK’s global competitiveness. Within this conversation Tom underscored HAV’s commitment to advancing aviation sustainability goals, stating, "Airlander will advance aviation sustainability goals, delivering passengers to their destinations with up to 90% fewer emissions than equivalent aircraft." He also emphasised our collaboration with the University of Sheffield AMRC, noting, "We’ve been working with the AMRC for several years on how we build a new production line to deliver Airlander into this market by 2027, from here in South Yorkshire as part of a new green aerospace manufacturing cluster."

As we work towards the launch of the Airlander 10 production programme, the AMRC remains a pivotal partner in scaling our manufacturing operations, aligning with the South Yorkshire region’s commitment to sustainable growth. The partnership continues to be a cornerstone in scaling our manufacturing operations. Not only aligning with the commitment to sustainable growth in South Yorkshire but also standing as a testament to the collective vision for a greener aviation industry.

Reflecting on the AMRC Summit, the call to action for manufacturers resonates. The net zero transition is not just a necessity but a vast opportunity for businesses, individuals, and regions to lead the charge towards a sustainable future. Hybrid Air Vehicles, through our commitment to innovation and sustainability, stand as part of the forefront of this movement. As manufacturing evolves to become sustainable, our collaboration with the AMRC and the vision of Airlander reinforces our dedication to Rethink The Skies. The journey to net zero is not just a path forward; it's a path towards an efficient, sustainable, and connected future, that Airlander will play a pivotal role in.

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