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Airlander 10

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Flexible Capability

100 passengers, ten tonnes or five days of flight endurance for mobility, logistics, communications and surveillance roles.

Minimal Infrastructure

Connect the unconnected: grow services in underserved markets, provide resilience to supply chains and scale rapidly without need for roads or runways.

Ultra-Low Emissions

Hybrid lift and advanced powertrain technologies deliver up to 90% fewer emissions than alternate aircraft. Zero emissions flight available by 2030.

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17 Mar 23

South Yorkshire leaders approve £7m investment in Airlander project

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09 Nov 22

The Highlands and Islands to explore Airlander 10’s potential to unlock a greener future for air travel and transform connectivity

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19 Jul 22

First development partners announced for Airlander 50 logistics aircraft

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15 Jun 22

Air Nostrum Group becomes Airlander 10 launch airline customer

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10 Aug 21

US Navy Post Graduate School explores defence application of hybrid aircraft

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15 Aug 22

Hybrid Aircraft in the spotlight through the International Civil Aviation Organisation Environmental Report 2022

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Zero Emissions Future

With Airlander, we're rethinking the skies and discovering a greener way to solve the challenges we face.

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