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Airlander 10 offers a new type of flight, with ground-breaking capabilities.
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Airlander 10 First Flight - August 17th 2016

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Airlander Media Statement - 25th August 2016
Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd can confirm a mooring line attached to the Airlander did contact a power line outside the airfield.  No damage was caused to the aircraft and this did not contribute to the heavy landing.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to anyone.    

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How Collaborative Expertise Launched the Airlander Project
A video from The Institution of Engineering and Technology explaining how Hybrid Air Vehicles has been working with Forward Composites to apply decades of race-bred British carbon composite expertise in the development and manufacture of the revolutionary Airlander.
Airlander is now safely back in the hangar. Next steps: assess, repair and get it flightworthy again. #Airlander
Our CEO gives exclusive interview to BBC East on plans. Worth a watch: #Airlander
No damage was caused to the aircraft due to this and this did not contribute to the heavy landing.