Type Certifying Airlander

Globally certified to the same standard as large commercial aeroplanes, the safety and quality of Airlander are our priority. Certifying through the UK CAA, we will also concurrently apply for Certification with regulatory bodies around the world ready for global service from 2028.

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Certifying Airlander

Working with the regulators

We work closely with regulators and authorities to ensure Airlander and its operations will comply with global policies and regulations.

Our Office of Airworthiness oversees the Type Certification of Airlander. The team has years of experience in roles both in the aerospace industry and regulators, helping give regulators confidence in our process and the decisions we make on the pathway to Type Certification.

There are two important organisational steps before a manufacturer can design and build a new aircraft type: a Design Organisation Approval (DOA) and a Production Organisation Approval (POA). Airlander’s certification process is already well underway. Below, we detail our DOA and POA teams.

Design Organisation Approval

A DOA from the regulators is required to show that an organisation is approved to design aircraft. We were awarded our DOA in 2018.

Production Organisation Approval

A POA means the organisation is approved to manufacture the aircraft and is a fundamental requirement for all commercial aircraft manufacturers.

Maintaining our DOA and POA

We use a digital quality management system to manage the quality requirements of both the DOA and POA. From audits conducted by the audit team to queries that may arise, we feed the data into the system and it allows us to track, collaborate, progress, and complete any actions. This feeds our continuous improvement and safety management culture.

We conduct internal audits of our processes and procedures and are audited each year by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), our regulator. This ensures we are compliant with both the CAA regulations and our internal documentation. We recently successfully completed audits with the CAA of both the Design Organisation and the Production Organisation.

Following Brexit, we are now regulated by the CAA in the same way as originally conducted under EASA.

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