We design and manufacture safe, sustainable, and efficient aircraft

There is a driving purpose behind everything we do: to rethink the skies. To do that, we’re providing customers with new choices for how they solve their biggest challenges. Developing aircraft that deliver solutions safely, efficiently, and with the long-term future of our planet in mind is how we achieve this goal.

We invest in our people

We are a team dedicated to bringing this powerful new technology to market. From our earliest days as a small team to a flight testing organisation of 140, our people have always been central to HAV’s accomplishments. Our future plans include significant investment in expertise across all business areas.

We invest in our technology

To date, over $150m has been spent developing Airlander 10 and its technology. This has included grant funding from both the EU and the UK, including a grant for the development of electric propulsion for Airlander 10 and significant investment from the United States Department of Defense. We are the world leaders in hybrid aircraft technology, the only company to have flown a full-scale prototype, and hold patents around the world.

We address diverse markets with common products

The unique characteristics of hybrid aircraft mean that they have applications across a variety of markets. In 2017, an independent report by Renaissance Strategic Advisors forecast the market for primary Airlander sales over the next 20 years to be $46 billion, representing over 500 aircraft.

By developing a common core aircraft, type certified to civil aviation regulations and offered to customers at a fixed price, we remove the potential barriers to adoption associated with the development of bespoke aircraft. Airlander is flexible, allowing customers to readily customise the common core aircraft.

We build relationships with partners

Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions – not just aircraft. We work with mission systems manufacturers, cabin design specialists, and a whole range of other organisations to deliver complete solutions that meet each customer’s specific needs.

We grow our capability for the future

Airlander 10 is just the first of many aircraft that will bear the Airlander name. Hybrid aircraft technology has applicability in numerous markets, including heavy lift. The Airlander 50 concept is one of these future aircraft. HAV also invests in the technology needed to stay on the cutting edge. From our partnership to develop electric propulsion for Airlander 10 to ongoing R&D into a variety of technologies, we are committed to the future.

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