A versatile and efficient freight delivery solution

HAV is more than just Airlander 10. Our next aircraft, Airlander 50, will be the future of heavy lift freight transport. Like Airlander 10, Airlander 50 will be able to move cargo or people point-to-point with minimal infrastructure.


tonne payload




kilometre range at max payload

Many industries such as remote mining and humanitarian aid rely on substantial, sometimes fragile infrastructure to transport cargo. Airlander 50 will offer a new solution enabling efficient movement of heavy and awkward freight without damaging the environment.

Electrifying large scale freight delivery

Our current work to electrify Airlander 10 is also laying the groundwork to electrify Airlander 50. A fully electric Airlander 50 could be available by 2033. It would reduce CO2 emissions by 1.15kg per tonne of freight per km when compared to a conventional aeroplane.

Our electric pathway

Interested in the Airlander 50? Explore our Airlander 50 Development Partner Programme.

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The way forward

Bringing Airlander 50 to market

The path has already been paved for the development of Airlander 50. It will be driven by the design and build of Airlander 10, making for a smooth transition as we scale the size of the aircraft. Airlander 50 will also benefit from the use of some common systems and hardware, technologies that will be proven in Airlander 10.

Scaling the technology

What’s next? Airlander technology is designed to scale. The future will see an Airlander 200, with the ability to fly 200 tonnes of freight long distances.

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