We're driven by a single purpose: to Rethink the Skies

We believe that aviation can and must deliver sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the modern world. By connecting the unconnected, Airlander offers a new choice, and one that is the future of zero-carbon aviation.

We are delivering a bold new frontier: an aircraft that's sustainable, capable, flexible, and cost-effective.

We solve modern challenges

Aviation has long been at the forefront of technology, developing the modern aircraft that carry millions of us each and every day. But now, we face new and different challenges.

We need to travel further, to more places, with less impact. Our defence forces need to think about intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance differently as they become more and more data-reliant. These challenges demand a new way of thinking. At HAV we’re designing an aircraft that gives our customers a different choice. It’s efficient, capable, and flexible – and able to solve many of those new challenges.

We connect the unconnected

Today’s world is more connected than ever. Even so, our world is full of the unconnected: people, places, things, information…missing links that make solving the challenges we face difficult.

We see Airlander technology as a way of connecting unconnected things. That may be people to places, bringing travellers to some of the wildest places on Earth. It may be delivering equipment to remote mining operations and communities, or disaster-affected areas. It may be linking data from sensors in the air to the human decision makers on the ground.

We are Airlander

Airlander changes the way people think about aviation. From day one, Hybrid Air Vehicles has challenged the status quo. We’re redefining what aircraft can do, how aviation can address the challenges facing our world, and how mature technologies can be brought together in new ways. With Airlander, we’re rethinking the skies.

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