Experience the world like never before

Airlander 10 is the perfect addition to your brand's existing assets, offering your customers an immersive experience like no other. Airlander's unique capabilities can open an entirely new window on the world and make the journey a joy.

Airlander will take your customers off the beaten track allowing them to immerse themselves in a deeper cultural experience.

Experiential travel & Airlander

Make experiential travel central to your business model

Organisations are seeking options that provide their customers with experiences no one else has had before. Airlander's combination of cabin space and operational range offers a brand-defining experience for your clients and strong returns for your business.


day excursions


nautical mile operational range


knot cruise speed

Apply your stamp to Airlander with branded livery externally and an interior layout tailored to your needs. Airlander can be configured with 90 seats to offer day sightseeing, or 40 seats for dinner in the sky, through to a VIP configuration with 8 double en-suite rooms.

Design Q's concept interior.

Operating Airlander

Airlander offers compelling financial terms over a typical 20-year operating life. With a range of purchase, lease, and support options available, adding an Airlander to your portfolio may be closer and easier than you think.

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Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by being a part of the future of zero-emissions aviation. Airlander 10 will reduce emissions by 90% by 2028.

Our path to zero emissions

It's not just our aircraft that is sustainable. Work with a company that prioritises sustainability in everything that we do.

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