This year our team became part of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA). The membership, led by HAV Executive Director – Sales, George Land, not only opens up new doors for the team but also allows us to take a step closer within the market.

What is the ERA?

The ERA, or European Regions Airline Association is the trade association representing more than 55 airlines and over 150 associate members, including manufacturers, airports, suppliers and aviation service providers, across the entire spectrum of the aviation industry. Its diverse membership collectively advocates for the interests of the aviation industry.

What do they do?

The ERA works on behalf of its members to represent their interests before Europe’s major regulatory bodies, governments and legislators to encourage and develop long-term and sustainable growth for the sector and industry. The association also brings members together to exchange information and learn from each other through events, groups, meetings and forums. A major part of the ERA’s role is to raise the profile of its members, to champion green and sustainable air connectivity and European air transport.

Why did we join the ERA?

For HAV, the ERA membership presents an invaluable opportunity to work with the European market, particularly in the realm of short sector regional mobility—a niche where Airlander 10 holds significant potential. By joining ERA, we gain insights into industry trends, forge connections with key stakeholders, and elevate our profile within the aviation landscape. We are pleased to already have a reservation agreement in place with ERA member, Air Nostrum Group, and look forward to this membership connecting us with more advancing airlines in the future.

What is the ERA Regional conference and why did we go?

The ERA has two major conferences a year. One of those events is the ERA Regional Conference, which offers a platform for industry leaders to converge and discuss pressing issues. As we geared up for this conference, we're particularly intrigued by the focus on financing green assets. We found the discussions around the metrics of decarbonisation to align closely with our commitment to sustainability and innovation and were pleased to hear a lot of conversation around the path to net zero.

Our membership of the European Regions Airline Association signifies a move towards greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and market positioning within the aviation industry. We look forward to using this partnership to propel HAV and Airlander to new heights of success in the European market.

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