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Added 19 Apr 2017

You may have seen some reports in the media about Airlander with some headlines about Airlander “nosediving” and “breaking free of its mooring lines”. These are factually... > Read More
Added 10 Apr 2017

Airlander emerged safely from its hangar at 2120hrs on Friday 7 April. It is currently sitting on Cardington Airfield on its mooring mast and it is now undergoing a short period of final testing... > Read More
Added 04 Apr 2017

The Airlander Team can today announce two significant enhancements to the aircraft ahead of its imminent Hangar Exit and resumption of its Flight Test Programme. The all-new Auxiliary Landing... > Read More
Added 06 Mar 2017

Structural damage sustained on the Flight Deck during its second Test Flight last August has now been repaired. Airlander is now in an extensive test phase prior to its next flight. Today we... > Read More
Added 10 Feb 2017

Airlander’s completed repairs announced to the media today. All major structural repairs are complete The Airlander team have embarked on an extensive testing and training schedule prior... > Read More
Added 23 Dec 2016

Hybrid Air Vehicles is pleased to announce the structural damage sustained by Airlander’s heavy landing this summer has now been repaired, and over the Christmas period the new cockpit will be... > Read More

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