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Added 06 Sep 2017

Anyone living close to Cardington cannot help but notice the huge changes that have happened since HAV moved in nearly 4 years ago. We now have over 100 people on the site most days, and share our... > Read More
Added 05 Sep 2017

SafePilot Weather Watch is a prototype weather and airspace-aware route planner for aircraft – both manned and unmanned.  In essence, a 3-D state-of-the-art GPS navigation system that... > Read More
Added 11 Aug 2017

The first full inspection of Airlander’s hull was completed this week by HAV’s team of aerospace technicians as part of ongoing analysis during the Flight Test Progamme. This was the... > Read More
Added 12 Jul 2017

On Tuesday 4 July, Airlander undertook it’s 5th Test flight. The flight included the proving of an alternative landing technique in preparation for when we commence heavier flight trials (this... > Read More
Added 14 Jun 2017

Airlander continues pioneering test flight programme with another successful flight Hybrid Air Vehicles will be attending the Paris Airshow within the UK pavilion run by ADS – Hall 2b... > Read More
Added 10 May 2017

We are delighted to announce a successful flight of the Airlander 10 this evening (Wednesday 10 May). All objectives of the planned flight were accomplished and the aircraft is now safely back at its... > Read More

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