Vertex Aerospace and Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding to present joint proposals for provision of fully configured Airlander 10 aircraft to the US Department of Defense. Airlander can provide persistent multi-domain intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, computing and communication capabilities, and a host of airborne effects to meet the needs of multi-domain operations, and of a range of other Special Missions.

With a long track record of delivering excellence to defense customers, Vertex has experience meeting the needs of the US DoD. Vertex also prides itself on being at the forefront of defense technology and has recognised Airlander’s ability to deliver game-changing, advanced, persistent multi-domain capabilities.

The two organisations share a commitment to deliver transformational capability, alongside a strong cultural fit.

"Airlander has the ability to deliver truly powerful multi-domain capability to defense customers. We look forward to working with HAV to integrate, field and support this revolutionary aircraft to serve the US warfighter."

Brian Anderson Senior Vice President, Aircraft Integration & Sustainment, Vertex Aerospace

As the world leader in hybrid aircraft technology, HAV is building on past work with the US Army to bring this modernized capability to the US DoD. Airlander 10’s predecessor, the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV), was originally developed for the US Army. HAV has continued to refine the aircraft in readiness for rate production, with the goal of delivering aircraft for a range of civilian and military roles.

"This partnership will enable us to offer a fully configured, missionised and supported Airlander 10 aircraft to the US DoD as an airborne solution to many of the challenges posed by multi-domain operations. Vertex and HAV share a joint ethos of delivering affordable capabilities that meet the needs of modern operations. This MoU is a strong foundation for us to achieve our shared goals."

Tom Grundy Chief Executive, Hybrid Air Vehicles