HAV is pleased to confirm that RED Aircraft's RED A03 engine has been selected for use in the base configuration of the Airlander 10 aircraft. In this configuration, Airlander 10 will deliver a 75% reduction in emissions compared to other aircraft in similar roles.

The base configuration of Airlander 10 will be followed by a hybrid-electric variant producing 90% fewer emissions and an all-electric variant flying with zero emissions by 2030. Read more on Airlander 10’s path to zero emissions flight here.

The RED A03 drives many environmental benefits when compared with other equivalent propulsion solutions. High thermodynamic efficiency drives low fuel consumption. Optimised combustion results in reduced exhaust emissions. Low exhaust noise stems from intelligent engine architecture.

RED engine

The RED A03 has a number of features:

  • Low fuel burn
  • Low exhaust gas pollution
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • High thermodynamic efficiency
  • Type Certified at EASA TC.E.150 and FAA

For more information about the RED A03 engine, see RED Aircraft's announcement here.

Airlander is the next step towards a greener future, combining our engine with the innovative characteristics of Airlander has created a significantly efficient aircraft.

Jürgen Schwarz Head of Commercial, RED Aircraft

Our relationship with RED Aircraft is built on the common purpose of delivering efficiency in flight. RED Aircraft work to the high standards we require of our trusted suppliers, allowing us to bring our low emissions aircraft to market from 2025.

James Bell Programme Director, HAV

About RED Aircraft GmbH
RED Aircraft GmbH is committed to delivering high span performance piston engines for aviation. The company offers a full range of engineering services required for engine and powertrain development. All products are designed, tested and produced in-house, starting from a clean sheet of paper, by highly skilled and experienced specialists.

More about RED Aircraft GmbH and its products can be found at https://red-aircraft.com/

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