Last year, Hybrid Air Vehicles' (HAV) Chief Technical Officer, Mike Durham, was invited to join the Aerospace Technology Institute's (ATI) Zero Carbon Technology Advisory Group (ZC-TAG). This marks an important step forward for HAV as we continue our work alongside the industry to drive the future of sustainable aviation.

The ATI plays a pivotal role in advancing air transport technologies in the UK, fostering innovation through a £3.9bn joint government-industry initiative. With over 300 projects, the ATI is committed to securing jobs, maintaining skills, and delivering economic benefits across the UK. It is also committed to sustainability, and it demonstrates its commitment to zero emissions aviation via its Destination Zero Initiative. This initiative focuses on UK aerospace achieving its Net Zero 2050 target and maintaining its global competitiveness. The ATI have a Technology Advisory Group construct, bringing together expertise from across the industry to their relevant specialist areas. HAV have been chosen as a contributor in ZC-TAG due to this groups focus on the future of flight, guiding the UK’s zero carbon emission aircraft technology strategy, including roadmaps for hydrogen-powered and electric aircraft.

What is the purpose of ZC-TAG?

ZC-TAG convenes quarterly to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the aerospace sector and focusing on shaping technology roadmaps, bridging skills gaps, and testing to name a few, all working towards Destination Zero. Discussions of this group lead to recommendations to help shape the ATI  strategy and requirements for supporting development in the UK aerospace industry. The group is made up of 20 organisations and academic institutions, including prominent figures from major aerospace companies, including Rolls-Royce, Airbus, and GKN Aerospace, along with innovators such as ZeroAvia and HAV. This diverse representation ensures the industry is well-equipped to drive new innovation to meet the targets set out at the Government level and achieve Destination Zero.

What does this mean for HAV?

Joining ZC-TAG enables HAV to advocate for areas crucial to our technology and the advancements required. It provides us with a space to drive for industry initiatives and timelines that also align with our requirements and goals. The group facilitates interactions with industry peers and CTOs, creating and strengthening relationships across the industry. Being an active part of this advisory group enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing within the entire aviation community, which benefits us all.

The future for HAV

Looking ahead, HAV's commitment to a fully electric Airlander aligns with the focus on using hydrogen as a power source within the ATI and ZC-TAG. As viewed by the group, Airlander will be an early adopter of hydrogen technology at scale, presenting not only an efficient platform but also a valuable verification and validation opportunity for the industry.

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