Hybrid Air Vehicles CEO, Tom Grundy was invited, along with Sebastien Bougon, CEO of FLYING WHALES, to co-author a paper for inclusion in the International Civil Aviation Organisation Environmental Report 2022. Together, they highlighted the potential for Hybrid and Lighter-than-Air technologies to mitigate aviation’s climate impact by providing differentiated and infrastructure-light services in the gap between today’s energy-intensive air transport and more constrained surface transport options.

To read the full report to be included in the International Civil Aviation Organisation Environmental Report 2022, click the button below.

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HAV’s first aircraft, Airlander 10, will be available in a hybrid-electric configuration from 2026 and operate with 90% fewer emissions than comparable conventional aircraft. Ideally suited to serving short haul-type routes with up to 100 passengers on board, Airlander 10’s mobility variant can offer a near-term option to reducing aviation emissions. Airlander 10 will be available in an all-electric, zero emissions configuration before 2030.

Find out more about the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation here.

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