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Airlander 10

From 2025, our first aircraft type, Airlander 10, will be in service with customers worldwide. Airlander 10’s payload module can be configured in numerous ways to make it suited for many different applications. Airlander 10 could be carrying up to 90 passengers on a regional mobility route, carrying cargo in a logistics application, or carrying communications and surveillance equipment and personnel on defence and security missions.

To make these applications possible Airlander 10 carries up to 10 tonnes of payload. But what does 10 tonnes really look like?

Airlander 50

Airlander 50 is the future of heavy lift freight transport, with the ability to carry 50 tonnes. Due to its much larger payload, Airlander 50 will be extremely well suited to logistics and freight transport roles, enabling efficient movement of heavy and awkward freight without damaging the environment.

Airlander 50 will be able to carry up to 50 tonnes. But what does 50 tonnes really look like? 

How does Airlander keep emissions so low when carrying payloads of this size?

Airlander technology is unique. The buoyant lift from the helium filled hull offsets the weight of the aircraft. This means the thrust from the engines is just used to lift the payload, unlike in aeroplanes where thrust is responsible for lifting the whole weight of the aircraft plus payload. As a result, Airlander aircraft burn significantly less fuel than conventional aircraft in comparable roles.

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