Due to its collection of outlying islands, its population density, and difficult weather conditions, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland have a unique set of challenges in providing and maintaining cost effective, efficient means of transport to its communities.

The study

To test the feasibility of Airlander 10 operations in the Highlands and Islands HAV worked with a group of partners including Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL), Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Orkney Islands Council, HiTrans, AECOM and Loganair. The study set out to test the hypothesis that:

“Airlander can complement the region’s transport system and provide sustainable economic growth for local communities to flourish now and in a net-zero future.”

The research looked into the benefits of the introduction of Airlander, the infrastructure modifications needed to accommodate Airlander, and the potential reliability of the aircraft to operate all year round in the prevailing weather conditions. It is also hoped that this study can help to draw wider conclusions about the potential benefits of Airlander in similar geographies worldwide.

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