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Investing in Airlander

Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited has been established since 2007 and is the global leader in an emerging sector within aerospace. The market for hybrid aircraft has been independently valued at over US$46 billion across the next 20 years.

Programme update

Our Design and Production Organisation Approvals are in place, giving us the regulatory go-ahead to proceed with the production and EASA Type Certification programme. We have signed Letters of Intent from commercial customers and continuing discussions with additional customers interested in Airlander 10. The business is preparing to launch the production programme with key hires across the business and the engagement of our supply chain.

Existing and new Airlander investors

Existing investors and other people interested in investing in Airlander can contact the company directly at any time by clicking here. Please note that we must abide by all relevant laws and regulations concerning investment and, depending on the circumstances, it might not be possible for us to discuss investment with you. We will be able to discuss investment with existing investors, funds, family offices, institutions, High Net Worth individuals, Sophisticated Investors, US Accredited Investors, and certain other classes of investors who qualify under the relevant domestic and international regulations.

Investing in Hybrid Air Vehicles

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