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Zero Emissions Future

With Airlander, we're rethinking the skies and discovering a greener way to solve the challenges we face.

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Technical specification

Airlander 10

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Helium-filled Hull

Generates lift using the buoyancy of helium contained within a state-of-the-art fabric hull - enabling operations with minimal infrastructure

Aerodynamic Profile

Carefully designed hull generates aerodynamic lift - unlocking powerful efficiency

Customisable Payload Module

Large payload space configurable for carrying passengers, moving cargo, or protecting people & places - maximising flexibility

News & stories

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10 Jun 21

Air Nostrum to collaborate with Hybrid Air Vehicles

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26 May 21

Airlander's mobility cabin concepts revealed

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22 Apr 21

Airlander 10 to use RED A03 engine

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05 May 21

What impact will weather have on Airlander’s operations?

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16 Nov 20

Hydrogen: Powering the future of zero emissions flight

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08 Sep 20

HAV and 2Excel Aviation Form Team

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25 Aug 20

Hybrid Air Vehicles joins Telecom Infra Project

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23 Jan 20

A Closer Look at the Updated Airlander 10 Design

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Building a sustainable future

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