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The future of heavy lift

Airlander 50 will leverage the same technology used in Airlander 10 - offering larger payloads and additional capability.


tonne payload




nautical mile range

Like Airlander 10, Airlander 50 will bring all of the benefits of point-to-point lift and minimal infrastructure operations. This is ideal for a variety of operations including remote mining, oil and gas, and others. Airlander 50 will compete with ice roads, helicopters, and rugged fixed-wing aircraft.

Large enough to carry six 20-foot ISO containers, Airlander 50 will also be able to move 200 passengers in the same low-vibration, quiet way as Airlander 10. This same space can also house data terminals and workspace for surveillance analysts.

We solve your cargo transport needs

While Airlander 50 is still in the earliest concept stages, we anticipate a large market for this variant. There are few aircraft currently which can move large, heavy, or unusually shaped objects.

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