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Rediscover the magic of flight

No rush to arrive, no distracting roar of the engine, no queuing for landing slots...just the freedom to cruise the skies and watch the world unfold beneath you.

Powerful versatility

Airlander's combination of operational range, cabin space, and comfortable cruising speed can take you further.


knot cruise speed


nautical miles operational range


kilograms additional equipment

Airlander can be customised with an exterior livery that suits your style and an interior layout tailored to your needs. And when your needs change, the interior can change with you. Airlander has an inherently modular design that allows for extensive through-life modifications.

Design Q's concept interior.

Travel responsibly
Low-impact aviation

Airlander 10 already burns significantly less fuel than comparable aircraft. It is our vision is to get to zero-carbon flight. We're actively taking steps to develop electric propulsion for Airlander 10 and you can be a part of our journey.

Our vision
Find your purpose

Charter Airlander like you would any other asset and leverage its strong commercials. The aircraft's capabilities also offer an opportunity to provide significant support to humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

Built for the extremes

Airlander 10 was designed to operate in some of the world's most extreme environments as a military aircraft. The aircraft is resilient, safe, and designed to be multi-purpose.

Our technology

Imagine where Airlander 10 could take you

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We are pioneering aviation