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Improving regional connectivity

Regional connections build and spread prosperity. Many communities are underserved by affordable mass transit to major urban areas. Airlander offers a low emissions air mobility option that connects cities without the need for the substantial infrastructure of traditional transport.

From 2025 Airlander will transport up to 90 passengers on short haul journeys, with 90% fewer emissions.

Airlander regional air mobility

Regional air mobility that connects networks

Airlander will support a greener, more reliable, less congested and better connected passenger transport network.




km range


grams of CO2 per passenger-km

Air travel often means waiting, crowded queues, and cramped flights. Airlander provides a wholly different passenger experience. Every aspect before, during, and after flight is more similar to a ferry than an aeroplane - we often refer to Airlander in this mobility application as a 'fast ferry'.

Airlander will typically operate from purpose-built terminals away from crowded airports. On board, the aircraft is extremely quiet as the engines are far away from the passenger cabin. There is ample space to socialise, to work, to eat and drink, and to relax quietly. Low vibration makes it a calm, more comfortable journey. The floor to ceiling windows mean natural light streams in and fresh air can circulate as the windows can open. Throughout the flight, Airlander produces dramatically fewer emissions than other aircraft.

Faster isn't always better

Airlander may travel more slowly than other aircraft, but it can land much closer to the end destination, reducing connection and waiting times significantly.

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A new option in travel

Airlander can deliver significant environmental benefits compared with other forms of transportation while offering direct city centre to city centre connections.

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Rethinking the skies

Our vision is to provide new and innovative transport that will give passengers the chance to travel more sustainably.

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