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Innovative and flexible

Airlander 10 provides a single platform that can protect your environment, serve your seas, and provide assistance to those in distress.

Persistent awareness

Airlander offers a combination of payload and endurance that opens new options for sensor packages - and flexibility to work as a multi-agency platform.

3 - 7

tonnes mission equipment


days airborne


kilowatt max payload power

Airlander currently delivers better per-orbit fuel and cost-efficiency than other comparable aircraft. This is further enhanced by the aircraft's ability to operate with minimal infrastructure.

On-board PED

Airlander's capabilities have been demonstrated in a NATO trial, with excellent results.

NATO Trial Unified Vision
Robust & survivable

Airlander offers a robust platform with lower susceptibility than conventional aircraft and UAVs. Leveraging advanced and proven technologies, the aircraft also offers high survivability.

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Ready for service

We have successfully reached TRL 7 and ready to move forward into production with a flight-tested, de-risked platform.

Technology Readiness Level
Looking forward
A sustainable vision

We are working in partnership to develop technologies to further reduce Airlander's already-low carbon footprint and increase endurance. Project E-HAV1 will deliver ground-tested electric propulsion for Airlander 10.


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