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Freedom from infrastructure

The increasing demand to connect unconnected places faces a challenge: infrastructure. Airlander takes off and lands on virtually any flat surface with no runway required.

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With a powerful combination of payload and endurance, Airlander offers an entirely new option for remote logistics.


tonne max payload


metre take-off & landing area


nautical mile max range

Bringing together technologies

How it works

The continued exploration of the hybrid airship concept is essential to support future operations in austere and infrastructure-challenged locales where USTRANSCOM will likely be required to support military or humanitarian relief operations.

USAF General Duncan McNabb Commander US Transportation Command, testimony to Senate Armed Services Committee 7 April 2011
Lower impact

Airlander technology is the future of zero-carbon aviation and is already offering lower emissions than any comparable aircraft.

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Future possibilities

Hybrid aircraft technology has incredible potential in heavy lift. Our next aircraft, Airlander 50, will address larger payloads.

Airlander 50
Specialist Lift

Airlander 10 excels in environments requiring specialist lift. Mixed payloads of cargo and passengers are easily accommodated, as are multi-mission layouts.

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