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Meet the game-changer

The world of defence is changing. Budgets are tighter, threats are increasing in number and variety, and the need for multi-sensor intelligence is growing. Enter Airlander.

Powerful capability

Airlander's combination of payload and endurance is typically between 10 and 100 times greater than other surveillance or communications aircraft.


tonne mission payload


days airborne


kilowatt mission power

Airlander has the ability to collect data with a variety of on-board sensors, process and exploit it, and disseminate intelligence across multiple channels. It can simultaneously act as an airborne intelligence command and communications centre.

Airlander is an extremely capable and adaptable asset, particularly when deployed as a multi-aircraft constellation featuring an organic logistics distribution capability. This minimises the need for critical resources and fixed infrastructure, reducing operational predictability and increasing force resilience.

Multiple missions, one aircraft

Enhanced collection

Exceptional tracking, immediate cueing, unbroken audit trail, and continuous coverage...all delivered from a single Airlander.

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Multi-mission & multi-domain

Airlander offers a solution that can bring together a variety of sensor types across a broad range of missions. As demand for intelligence increases, this flexibility transforms effectiveness.

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Robust & survivable

By leveraging advanced technologies, Airlander offers a robust platform with lower susceptibility than conventional aircraft and UAVs, alongside high survivability.

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Ready for service

With the prototype phase complete, Airlander 10 is now a de-risked platform and HAV is ready to launch the production programme. Equipped and certified aircraft can be in service within four years of programme launch.

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