What does a normal day at Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) consist of for you?

Lots of Excel and accounting software!

Tell us a bit more about your role in the finance team.

My role within the finance team is mostly focused on transactions. The challenge is to keep all ledgers up to date with appropriate detail and importantly to maintain accuracy. The follow on is the preparation of our management accounts, which are drafted for review by our Finance Director, Chris Jones. The accounts summarise our financial position at period ends and compare it to the budget and forecast.

I also work very closely with the procurement team, specifically on the purchase order book. I analyse the order book data, which largely supports our cash flow forecast and I report on this for the business on a weekly basis. This aids the finance team with projections, controlling short term expenditure and projecting long term expenditure, in line with the objectives of the Airlander programme.

What brought you to HAV?

Whilst looking for a new role in 2019, I wanted to ensure that the next steps in my career would build on my practical experience. It was clear that the opportunity to join HAV ticked all the boxes for me. I was particularly attracted by HAV’s vision to be the future of zero-carbon aviation, redefining air travel.

From a business perspective, joining during the R&D phase appealed to me, offering experience in a pre-revenue business. This meant I could witness a financial structure emerge from the very start. The outlook of the business is completely different to other places I have worked, which meant I was using different principles and practices, giving me the opportunity to learn a lot.

What excites you most about the Airlander project?

Air travel is a large contributing factor to climate change. What excites me about Airlander is the impact it will have on creating sustainable travel.

Airlander is a testament to sustainability because it will allow groups of up to 100 people to travel between regions while reducing their carbon footprint. In my eyes Airlander is a game-changer, providing a unique solution to the issues facing the aviation industry. To be a part of an intelligent workforce driving this project forward is, what I consider, a privilege.

Any advice for young people looking to embark on a career path similar to yours?

Do not hesitate to take new opportunities. The more experience you can gain at a younger age the better you will be prepared for the future. The financial sector is so broad in its scope and learning as much as you can in all aspects will benefit you immensely in the years to come. Accounting is everywhere and is always needed, keep pushing to be part of those companies that are different and making a mark in history; this will mean your career does the same. Most importantly enjoy yourself, love what you do and never be afraid to ask questions.

What about those looking for a career in STEM?

I encourage young people to be bold and forward thinking in their career choices, today is all about executing a plan for tomorrow. Engineering has endless possibilities, from the simple design of a printer to something as bespoke as a Formula One car. There’s a huge scope of opportunities within STEM. STEM is all about innovation and this has an impact on every department in a business like HAV.

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