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Do you have a passion for engineering, aviation, or simply an imagination for what the future of flight could be? Become a member of Airlander Club today! You will join a growing group of enthusiasts spread across all continents - each one a valued member of our supporters’ club, each one taking pride in supporting a Great British innovation that offers the world a greener future for air travel.

As a member, you will receive some great benefits and the chance to read about what happens behind the scenes at Hangar 1, Cardington Airfield through our monthly e-Newsletter.  Annual membership costs just £35, inclusive of post and packaging. 

Membership pack

When you join the Airlander Club, you’ll receive the exclusive member gifts listed below, all carefully packed by Royal British Legion Industries.
  • a bespoke membership certificate, containing your name and the date of issue, together with the signatures of HAV Chief Test Pilot, CEO and Chairman
  • a car sticker to take Airlander on the road and spread the word
  • an exclusive 10 cm ‘squidgy’ model of Airlander 10 

Regular prize draws

When you join the Airlander Club, we’ll automatically enter you into a regular members’ prize draw and randomly select a winner to be gifted an exclusive prize. Recent prize offers have included:
  • a VIP visit to Hangar 1 for two
  • tickets for two to fly Airlander on the Vector Airlander Flight Trainer
  • a signed copy of Bear Grylls’ first thriller, starring our very own Airlander as the action hero
  • a signed DVD from Airlander self-shoot film maker Dean Arnett
  • First Flight Memorabilia and other merchandise 

Monthly e-newsletter

With the latest updates on our plans and activities, our monthly e-Newsletters will arrive in your inbox at the end of each month, and will contain the latest news from the Airlander Team.

Your membership helps us

As well as receiving the benefits listed above, by becoming an annual Airlander Club Member you will also be actively supporting Airlander’s Flight Trials and Demonstrations, and you will help bring Airlander 10 to market. 
Airlander’s commercial, civil and military possibilities are now widely recognised by our investors and the public and will change the future of air travel forever.  This is an amazing club to be part of, or gift to be given.  Join today and be part of aviation history. 

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Latest News

On Tuesday 4 July, Airlander undertook it’s 5th Test flight
On Tuesday 4 July, Airlander undertook it’s 5th Test flight. The flight included the proving of an alternative landing technique in preparation for when we commence heavier flight trials (this technique had been developed in the simulator based on data from previous test flights). The flight also included a level-flight acceleration and deceleration run. The Airlander 10, piloted by Chief Test Pilot Dave Burns, left its mast at 18:05 and took to the skies 2 minutes later. Dave landed Airlander at 20:29 and was on the mast at 20:36 for a total flight time of 2 hours 31 mins (airborne time 2 hours 22 minutes). The flight was extremely successful, achieving all its aims. In particular, following three good practice landings at altitude, the landing on this flight was exceptionally smooth. The success of this flight has set the framework for bringing forward customer readiness of the Airlander. The overall operating envelope remained similar to previous flights in being up to 4000 feet altitude, 40 knots speed and within 15 Nautical Miles of Cardington. Due to a lower cloud base, Airlander attained a maximum altitude of 3500 feet during this flight, and a maximum speed of 37 knots.

Video Channel

How Collaborative Expertise Launched the Airlander Project
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