Built on values

As a values-driven company, we encourage and reward the responsible actions and behaviour of our people. Our people are at the heart of our business. We depend on them to develop the innovative solutions that help us stand out and set us apart.

Embedded through our organisation, our values underpin our strategy and guide our behaviour. Not only do they play a central role in our performance review process, they also help us to have a clear and common understanding of how to approach our day-to-day work and deal with any unexpected challenges. All five values were identified by observing the things that made our team excellent and that we were the proudest of.

A culture of responsibility

One of our core values is safety and quality. This applies to everything we do, from our aircraft to the way we work. We continue to build a culture of responsibility that ensures we deliver high quality, safe products.

Engaging our people

Our people have always been central to our success. Designing a new way to fly is no small undertaking and we rely on the smart, talented, and experienced people who make up our team at HAV. We want to support our people in the best way we can, and key to that is offering training and development opportunities.

Getting new starters engaged with our culture and ways of working quickly is important, so all staff receive an induction day to give them an overview and introductions to key people across the business. We also ensure that relevant training is provided, including first aid, mental health awareness, and fire safety as appropriate.

HAV has a strong history of developing leaders and promoting internally. Our Leadership and Management Development programme delivers a broad spectrum of both internal and external training to develop our key leaders. Staff are also encouraged in their broader professional development, from attending industry events to undertaking qualifications and membership in professional bodies.

We are committed to the highest environmental standards across all our sites.

Managing our direct environmental impact

The Airlander aircraft is delivering more sustainable aviation. As a business, we must also be aware of the environmental impact of our operations. We are committed to the highest environmental standards across all our sites and to the continual improvement of our performance.

Exceeding requirements

We aim to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and incorporate environmental factors into business decisions. We monitor and review this performance on a regular basis. By engaging with our suppliers on environmental initiatives and auditing on environmental impact, we aim to promote an environmentally-considerate mindset across our value chain.

Making small changes

Our staff have also made small changes in the workplace. Our offices use light timers and sensors, and low-energy lighting where possible. We also recycle, encourage all staff to turn off equipment when not in use, and take resource saving steps where possible. These are small steps, but an important part of being an environmentally and aware organisation.

Our framework

At HAV, we believe that we are a part of the solution through our products, the way we operate our business, and our relationship with our community.

Our products

The Airlander 10 aircraft delivers up to a 75% reduction in emissions today with a clear path to zero-emissions flight. Through innovation, we are helping shape the future of zero-carbon aviation.

Our products
Our community

We do not exist in isolation. We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

Our community

The future of zero-carbon aviation

Our vision

Working at HAV