Building a sustainable future

We are delivering an aircraft that will reduce emissions by up to 90% within five years. The world is changing and zero-carbon aviation is the future.

Our approach to sustainability

Operating as a sustainable business means rethinking the way things are done: innovating and developing products that provide alternative solutions to the challenges facing the world. At HAV, we believe that we are a part of the solution through our products, the way we operate our business, and our relationship with our community.

Our sustainability framework

These three principles – Products, Business and Community – are the pillars on which our sustainability framework is built.

Our values underpin the way we work, how we engage with customers, partners and the community, and how we want to be regarded as a business. Our vision and values guide us in all of our work, including how we approach sustainability.

Being a responsible company goes beyond tackling pressing environmental challenges. It is having a culture built on values. It is looking after employees and suppliers, wherever they are in the value chain. It is building positive relationships with our customers and communities.

The three pillars

Our products

The Airlander 10 aircraft delivers up to a 75% reduction in emissions today with a clear path to zero-emissions flight. Through innovation, we are helping shape the future of zero-carbon aviation.

Our products
Our business

Our company is built on strong values. By looking after our employees and establishing a culture of integrity, we are securing our business for the future.

Our business
Our community

We do not exist in isolation. We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

Our community

Investing in Hybrid Air Vehicles

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